King’s Building, Church Street

This is a 6 storey office block.  The substructure comprises a one storey basement with private parking using stackers.  The total approximate area of the building is 30,000m2.  The ground floor is 5m floor to floor and will be used as retail at the front facing areas.  The floor to ceiling height for the rest of the building is 2.9m.

The ground investigation was such that 10m (mean) bearing piles were used for the internal support of the building.  Around the perimeter 15m secant piles were used to retain the surrounding roads and properties.  Inside the secant piles a voltex waterproof membrane was used and inside that the basement wall was built to a Grade A inside face finish.  The basement floor was laid at 1:80 falls into aco channels that run to a petrol interceptor, and is then pumped into the foul manhole.  The remainder of the buildings drainage runs syphonically from the roof, down to the attenuation tank and then out by gravity to the combined DCC sewer in May Lane.

The superstructure comprised, steel frame with Precast units, the grid mostly 12m x 7.7m.  (precast – 12m, steel – 7.7m).  There were 4 No. RC stair / lift cores that were used for lateral stability.

Located at the middle of the building is an old informal burial annex from famine times.  This burial annex cannot be excavated by order of the D.C.C. Archaeologist.  The Annex is 48m long and 13m wide, so 3 No. 48m trusses were employed here to span the building over this.  The ground floor is approximately 250mm above the FGL of the burial ground and is supported off the bottom boom of the bottom truss.  Each truss is 8m high and carries 2 No. floors.

The construction period for the entire build was 22 months with the façade, which is particularly complex taking up 50 weeks of that 22 months.