Malahide Community School

OCSC were appointed initially to look at refurbishment and extension options for Malahide Community School. The existing building was a system build frame which had extended beyond the economic life of the building type. Initial involvement included surveys of existing buildings and a study of the economics of the reuse, refurbishment and extension of the buildings. Following this appraisal it became clear that it would be more economic to construct a new school.  An adjacent site on the campus of the existing school was chosen and a new school building was designed.  The separation of the existing school from the construction site was a primary concern.  Detailed site studies including access, serviceability, security and primarily safety were carried out.  A solution to this separation was devised and implemented.

Detailed traffic studies which looked at methods of safe access for students, staff and deliveries were developed which isolated the different traffic streams.  A solution for the drop off of students by car, safe access to bus stops, pedestrian routes and cycle access was developed by OCSC.

The development was completed on the site of the existing school without any disruption of the day to day running of the school.