Rosemont Secondary School for Girls

This is a private school for girls set on a sloping site comprising facilities for 300 students including classrooms, conferencing, oratory, gym hall, national standard synthetic turf hockey pitch and national standard tennis courts.

Daylight requirements for the school resulted in extensive glazing to the elevations. This, along with exposed finishes to internal walls and programme considerations led to a predominantly concrete precast frame solution, including basement walls adjacent to the split level areas. The gym hall, roofs and central atrium were constructed in a lightweight steel frame with feature cantilevers.

The steep topography of the site combined with the installation of large flat tennis court/hockey pitch surfaces resulted in a number of significant retaining structures constructed in masonry faced reinforced earth.

A green roof (sedum) was installed on much of the school, contributing to sustainable solutions along with blending the roof into the surrounding hillside.