Sokoto State University, Nigeria

OCSC have utilised our extensive experience in University engineering to assist the Sokoto State Government to develop this new university for the people of Sokoto.  The University development involved the establishment of the university campus on a green field site.  All roads, water supply, drainage, electrical supplies, I.T. Infrastructure and construction materials factories were developed on site.  Once OCSC’s multidisciplinary engineers understood the university’s requirements and the local operating conditions we were able to develop solutions which utilised the locally available resources and complemented these with suitable proven imported methods to achieve the university’s budget and timeframe targets. 

Precast concrete construction methods have been employed to overcome local skilled labour shortages and simplified systems were employed on Phase One while the locally available workforce developed the necessary skills.  Later phases are using the additional local skills to maintain the majority of the economic benefit in the local community.  Community partnerships have created employment and training opportunities and allow the community skills and resource to grow with the project and the university. The campus buildings developed so far are: Faculty Building, Library, Senate, Mosque, student housing, staff housing, roads, water supply from boreholes, electrical supply (mains and generator) and lecture theatres.