DCU The Helix

The Arts Centre building known as “The Helix” has changed the face of the Irish musical and theatrical world, providing a tremendous asset to Dublin’s northside.

The building (11,600m2) is organized by a dynamic geometry derived from three axes converging in the foyer, around which are organized the major spaces, Mahony Concert Hall (1,260 seats), Main Theatre (450 seats), Studio Theatre and support areas.

The Concert Hall provided tremendous engineering challenges with a clear uninterrupted 20m high volumetric space and 2m deep 3D space frame roof structure spanning 37.5m x 26.5m. The roof structure supports a concrete roof deck (noise control – Dublin Airport flight path) and integrates lighting and maintenance walkways.

The foyer includes stunning inclined RC columns and the “Helix” like stairs. The main theatre has a capacity of 450 seats arranged over both raking stalls and cantilevered balconies.