120 Bed Ward Block, St. Vincent’s University Hospital

The New 120 Bed Ward Block at SVUH comprises a seven storey partial basement, 120 bedroom facility situated to the north west of the St. Vincent’s University Hospital campus/ Of the 120 bedrooms, 20 of these, situated on the sixth floor, are dedicated to Haemo-oncology.

The Design & Build project commenced work on site November 2010 and the structure is now completed, with overall practical completion reached in March 2011.

The structure comprises a precast concrete frame from first floor to roof level, with insitu concrete columns and walls at ground floor overlying a single storey insitu concrete basement.  The foundation structure is reinforced concrete pad footings with integral basement slab overlying stiff brown/black boulder clay.  The façade is a mix of glazing units/reconstituted stone cladding panels/natural stone panels on a rail system.

The precast frame is laid out on a 6m x 9m grid, with precast concrete reinforced concrete beams (2.25m wide) spanning 6m typically, with 100mm precast prestressed wideslab units spanning between the beams.  The beams are cast half height in the factory and these and the wideslab units are installed on a temporary formwork deck until the structural topping is cast and cured.  The entire floor plate has an overall thickness of 300mm (similar to a reinforced concrete flat slab structure), with the advantage that the turn-around time per floor is quicker than the conventional RC flat slab, thus saving time on the construction programme.