Child & Adolescent Unit, Cherry Orchard Hospital

The new Child and Adolescent Mental Health Facility at Cherry Orchard Hospital provides modern mental health services for young people aged 2 to 18 years.  The new facility amalgamates a number of existing satellite departments with varied user groups and staffing requirements and is central to the Health Service’s ‘Vision for Change’ Mental Health programme.

The completed design prides itself on the subtlety with which the atypical safety requirements common to mental health facilities have been discretely incorporated within the design, resulting in a building that is devoid of institutional presence, a normal yet safe building.  The design pays particular regard to the need for autonomy of each department, this is denoted by the use of discreet dedicated entrances and individualised colour schemes which animate the architectural façade and the organically themed interiors.

This organically shaped building varies in height from one to three storeys with a mixture of facilities including Consultation Rooms, educational facilities and administrative offices.  The main structure consists of a reinforced concrete flat slab supported on RC columns.  The edge of the concrete slab is continuously curved on plan to achieve the desired layout and circular columns were chosen for the exposed concrete at the main entrances to provide the desired architectural effect.  The single storey wing consists of load bearing blockwork with a lightweight steel roof.  Green roofs have been adopted throughout the development.  The design of the development required careful consideration of the limitations due to the works within a live hospital campus and necessitated considerable diversions of existing live services to enable the construction of the structure.

The development was completed in late 2011 and is now fully operational.

OCSC have also been retained as Civil/Structural Engineers by the HSE on the Cherry Orchard Hospital campus for the following Developments:

• Ballyfermot Primary Care Centre
• Hostel Units for HSE
• Linn Dara Child & Adolescent In-Patient Unit