This project involves the design of all site services including roads, foul sewer and storm sewers for a mixed commercial development on 40 hectares.

The development includes 29,000m2 of offices, 15,000m2 light industrial and 47,000m2 of logistics warehousing along with other uses.

OCSC were civil and structural engineers for the project. In addition to normal services OCSC prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment and Mobility Management Plan for the site.

OCSC prepared designs for the foul and surface water collection networks. A number of design options were prepared for the foul design including gravity outfall offsite and a pumped solution. Surface water from part of the site is attenuated locally and discharged to local watercourses.

OCSC also undertook the alignment and structural design of all roads within the scheme including significant lengths of dual carriageway and high capacity roundabouts, and advised the architects in relation to turning requirements for heavy delivery vehicles and sizing of delivery yards for large industrial units.