Marina Park, Cork

OCSC is a member of a team which has prepared a landscape master plan on behalf of Cork City Council, for Marina Park in the South Docklands.  The Marina Park site comprises approximately 40 hectares.  Marina Park is located below the escarpment in the natural Lee Estuary.  The site is defended from the River Lee by flood defence walls and the earthen embankments.

OCSC conducted a preliminary surface water drainage study to inform the master plan.  A large portion of the site lies below high tide level, therefore surface water runoff from the catchment becomes tidal locked and must be stored within the catchment until surface water can be discharged at low tide.  Currently Atlantic Pond and a serious of drainage channels, located within the Marina Park, act as flood storage cells.  The Atlantic Pond drains via gravity through the Marina embankment via a culvert fitted with a non return flap valve.

For the purpose of hydraulic design, an ISIS computational hydraulic model of the surface water network was constructed.  Inflow hydrographs were created for the mostly urbanised catchment and design tidal cycle and tide levels were derived using the Admiralty Tide Tables.

The model results were used to establish design storage volumes, design flood water levels and level of service for the park for various combinations of storm and tidal flood event scenarios.  Proposals for dealing with the surface water drainage system including sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) techniques have been incorporated into the master plan for Marina Park.