Road at Rosnaree, Meath

OCSC was appointed by Meath County Council as consulting engineers to advise on this project environmentally sensitive road alignment and slope stabilisation project. The local road provides access to the foremost megalithic site in the country which is a major tourist attraction. The original roadway is cut into a heavily vegetated steep embankment which sweeps down to the River Boyne directly opposite the Newgrange megalithic tomb structure.

The existing roadway is itself on a steep downgradient and is bounded to one side by an old masonary stone wall which has collapsed along long sections as the slope continues to slip. The downslope is populated by a large number of mature beech trees many of which are individually important. The roadway has been restricted to a single lane for some time as the Council reviewed options for improvement.

OCSC developed an environmentally sensitive solution to this engineering problem. The slope was first stabilised using two strings of soil nails with geotextile matting laid between the major trees.  A new boundary retaining wall was then constructed along the road on a ground beam founded on a series of mini piles placed along the side of the road bewteen individual tree routes. Following the stabilisation and retaining works the road was given an overall structural overlay and new edge drainage.

OCSC provided detailed design, PSDP and contract administration services on the project for the Council.