O’Connell Street, Sligo

OCSC were appointed  by Sligo Borough Council to undertake the design of the reconstruction and pedestrianisation of O’Connell Street. The street is a major transport corridor through the town and is also a major centre of retail shopping for the city of Sligo.  The Borough Council intend to introduce a step-change environmental improvement to the area by transferring traffic out of the street and providing a significantly improved public realm.

A major concern for the Council is the future-proofing of the public realm improvement scheme in respect of services. In that regard OCSC carried out extensive services condition assessments in order to pre-empt any future excavations of the completed street scheme. As a result of this work extensive rehabilitation was recommended for watermains and culvert sewers in the street so as to provide an appropriate lifetime for the completed project.

OCSC undertook preconstruction condition surveys of approximately 60 occupied buildings, mostly retail premises, in order to assess their condition prior to work commencing in the street. This city centre project required extensive liaison with the Architect’s Department of Sligo Borough Council along with detailed third party and public consultation during the course of the design process.

OCSC provided design, contract documentation and contract administration supervision services for the project.