Charlemont Traffic Planning

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OCSC were appointed by Alcove Properties in a joint venture with Dublin City Council to undertake a major transportation study as part of a mixed use development to be constructed at Charlemont in Dublin 2.

The proposed development consisted of a wide variety of uses including residential, commercial, retail, childcare and leisure facilities.  The study was tasked with modelling the impact of the development on the operational efficiency of 9 critical junctions and a number of key links across the local network.  As part of the project OCSC prepared a detailed TRANSYT model to assess the operation of the network.  This model was constructed from on on-site geometric measurements taken at each junction and link as well as junction specific traffic signal data received from DCC.  The analysis of the local network was carried out for two scenarios, one with the development and one without to allow for a detailed comparison and assessment of the impact on the local road network.  The overall project, methodology and results were presented in a fully comprehensive Traffic Impact Assessment Report.

Finally the project included the preparation of a detailed Mobility Management Plan with the specific objective of decreasing overall car use at the completed development through a number of measures and schemes such as the promotion of car pools, travel by more sustainable means and the provision of on-site facilities such as showers/changing areas.