Children’s Hospital of Ireland – Mobility Management

The city centre location of the development site at the Mater Campus, Eccles Street, Dublin 7, meant that Mobility Management would play a critical role in the success of the Children’s Hospital of Ireland. As a result, OCSC were also appointed by the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board to create the framework for a Mobility Management Plan which was to be implemented at the development once it was completed and occupied. The overall aim of this plan was to highlight and identify potential measures and objectives which could be put in place to encourage a modal shift away from private car travel and towards more sustainable means such as public transport, cycling or walking.

This project involved the compilation and analysis of considerable levels of data. This included detailed information taken from staff and patient/visitor travel surveys carried out at other children’s hospitals in Ireland such as the Children’s University Hospital Temple Street and Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin as well as the existing Mater Misericordiae University Hospital at the Mater Campus. A fully comprehensive analysis of the local public transport network and cycle/pedestrian facilities was also undertaken. A number of specific measures were set out to achieve the objectives established in the plan. These ranged from soft measures such as establishing car sharing databases and inviting local public transport operators to give presentations to staff, to hard measures including restricted parking for staff and the provision of a shuttle bus running between the development and the local transport hubs. The project involved extensive liaison with various local and national authorities as well as other related developments.