Elm Park Development – Parking Strategy

OCSC were appointed by Asset Managers to undertake a complete review of the parking at Elm Park located at Merrion Road, Dublin 4 and to formulate a new parking strategy for the overall development.

As part of the initial works, a full and detailed on-site survey of the existing parking provision was carried out including a breakdown of the parking available for each of the various uses and identification of any areas  with the potential to house additional parking.  Similarly, an appraisal of the current construction and occupation status of the entire development was also carried out.  Following on from this, a complete review of the planning history of the development was undertaken which included an assessment of all the relevant information from both Dublin City Council and An Bord Pleanála.  Using this information, a basis for the parking provision allowance at the development, as part of its planning permission, was established.  This was then compared to the parking allowances set out in the various Dublin City Development Plans the development has been subject to since its inception in order to assess any instances where parking provision could or should be adjusted.  The same criterion was applied to a proposed revised scheme at the site with the intention of establishing the optimum level of parking possible at the development while still operating within the limitations set out in the current Development Plan.  Based on this, an updated quantum of parking was derived for the revised development and, using the information obtained from the on-site survey, a variety of possible locations for the various additional parking requirements and access points were established and demonstrated in a number of detailed drawings.