North Lotts Pump Station

OCSC acted as civil and structural engineers on the 50 acre Spencer Dock Development scheme which included the prestigious Convention Centre, Dublin.  The Dublin City Council Drainage Area Plan of 2002 identified a requirement for a new sewage collection and pumping system for the North Lotts Area.  The North Lotts Pumping Station was the infrastructural project to deliver a solution to this requirement.  It acts as a collection for the entire North Docklands area and the Spencer Dock Development.  Following collection the sewage is pumped via twin rising main under the River Liffey to the Ringsend Treatment Plant.

OCSC were appointed as the Lead Design Consultants for the delivery of the North Lotts Pumping Station.  The station has a forward pumping capacity of 600l/s with additional storage tanks for storm conditions with a combined storage capacity of 2,000m3.  The pump station has dual wet wells and storage tanks to allow isolation of each side.  Six number 85KVA Flygt N-Type pumps located in the dry well act as the main forward lifting pumps for the station.

OCSC acted as lead consulting design engineers on the scheme and acted as Project Managers through the construction phase of the project.  The structure was installed to depth of 14m below the finished floor ground level in an area of contaminated ground and high ground water.  The scheme also included detailed surge, noise and odour analysis.  A scaled hydraulic model of the station was commissioned and constructed at early design stage to identify vortices and flow paths under operational conditions.