Tyrrelstown Watermain

OCSC were successful in being appointed as design consultants and project supervisor for the design process for this large water distribution scheme in Tyrrelstown, County Dublin. The Client was Fingal County Council. Following appointment in 2008, the design was tendered and construction commenced in 2011. The scope of works included design, prequalification, tendering and supervision of the works. OCSC also acted in the role of Employers Representative and contract administrators for the construction of the scheme.

The primary function of the scheme was to link the Ballycoolin Water Supply Tower to the North Dublin watermain distribution network. The new works included the installation of 6.8km of ductile iron watermain which was predominantly 600mm in diameter. A surge analysis of the network allowed the design to mitigate waterhammer and thrust forces in the line. In addition to the trunk main there were also a number of diversions of live mains and connections of existing operational networks.

Following a detailed network analysis and liaison with the local authority the scheme design was finalised. All sluice valves on the 600mm main were designed with a reinforced concrete chamber surround and a removable cover slab. The installed watermains were cleansed by chlorination and then pressure tested to 12 bars of pressure. This project greatly helped to reinforce the supply network in the greater regional Dublin area.