26-40 High Street, Slough (London)

26-40 High Street, Slough is an 8 storey apartment building consisting of 166 residential units over a basement car park with commercial units at ground floor fronting the High Street.

A contiguous piled wall surrounds the basement which encompasses the whole site.  This piled wall, which resists surcharge loads from adjoining properties and roads, was designed to cantilever vertically so as to avoid any temporary props which would adversely affect the programme for construction of the basement.

The excavated material for disposal was classified in accordance with the Landfill Directive such that it could be sold off site as Type 2 material.  The building is supported on Pad Foundations and the Contiguous Piled Wall.  The structure was modelled with the STRAP 3D Finite Element Computer Software Package to develop a cost effective structure and to assess the potential for differential settlement between the contiguous piled wall and the pad foundations.  215mm wide RC columns on a regular grid are hidden within the partition walls and support 250–235mm deep RC Flat Slabs.  RC transfer beams at Ground Level are provided where necessary to facilitate the car park and column layout in the basement.