Bastion Court

Located on an infill site on Connaught Street, Athlone, the project consists of mixed use development (13,000m2), including 84 No. Apartments, Retail Units, Medical Centre and a children’s day-care facility.

The project included the retention of existing building facades together with new infill construction along the original street line.  A new street formed through the development allowing pedestrian permeability.

OCSC monitored the temporary works design for the façade retention and the project was completed without causing any damage to the neighbouring adjoining buildings during the demolition or reconstruction works.

The apartment complex of 84 units comprised four storey insitu load-bearing cross wall construction, supporting precast concrete wideslab floor system over reinforced concrete flat slab transfer system over an underground basement car park.

The underground car park was designed as a Grade 1 utility basement, providing 120 car parking spaces.

The site investigation indicated ground comprising soft boulder clay materials overlying stiff gravels at approximately 12m below existing ground level. CFA insitu concrete piles designed for end bearing and skin friction were used to support the development.

OCSC provided all civil, structural engineering services for the development from preplanning meetings with the planning authority through to detailed design and construction monitoring.