Elm Park Development

Elm Park is Ireland’s first sustainable mixed use private development.  The project involved all the Structural and Civil works associated with the development.  The Civil and Utility works included a Biomass Combined Heat and Power plant , a ten acre (46,000m sq) basement with all utility plant rooms, service yards for all deliveries, coach parking areas and parking for 850 cars.  A stream was temporarily diverted to build the basement and rerouted back over the basement as the permanent solution.  A trunk main foul sewer was also diverted and repositioned over the basement.  Major utilities provision including upgrading a foul sewer in the Merrion Road traffic flows and a syphonic reactivation of surface water stream discharge.  The basement is covered by a new 10 acre parkland with numerous buildings suspended above the landscape.  The development included 330 apartments, 110 senior citizen housing units, 28,500m sq of offices in 3 blocks, 22,500m sq hospital and hotel, crèche, leisure centre, swimming pool and conference centre.

The buildings are designed to be energy efficient to reduce life cycle costs including natural ventilation with double skin facade stacks, exposed structure for thermal mass, solar shading and orientated to maximize natural light.

All of this has been achieved within a commercial speculative developer lead project.

Our detailed review of the basement areas developed a solution which gave a very efficient parking arrangement saving significant basement areas and this gave a real significant cost saving to the client.  We also minimized the extent of transfer structures by detailed coordination of the design of the structure with the architecture and services at an early stage.  The project was cost planned at planning stage and this budget was delivered without any structural extras working closely with Michael McNamara & Co design and build contractors.

The O’Connor Sutton Cronin team drove the project taking control of the delivery of the design information on all structural elements.