Heuston South Quarter

This project is a large mixed-use development, in Dublin City centre.  The development comprises apartments, offices, retail, hotels and a museum with an approximate area of 110000m².

There is a 10 acre double level basement below the entire footprint of the site with approximately 1,100 parking spaces.  The basement is surrounded by a 750/900mm secant piled retaining wall with a tanked voltex membrane and a 250 thick RC facing wall.

The residential blocks are generally 8 storeys high above podium level and consist of precast floors on mass concrete walls.  The roof top penthouses are generally steel frame.  In total there are 340 apartments.  Block 7 features a 30m span double storey bridge, which spans onto the adjacent office block, houses, duplex and penthouse apartments.

The feature 12 storey office block has a curved, glazed façade on one elevation that is supported by a series of curved steel columns to achieve the “sail” effect envisaged by the Architect.  This block also has a 6m cantilever on one elevation supporting 8 floors.  This is achieved by a series of storey high steel trusses.  The main floor plate consists of a 350 thick RC flat slab supported by RC columns.  The lateral wind loads are transferred to the RC cores through diaphragm action of the in-situ floor plate.

A five star Marriott Hotel is commencing work along the St. John’s Road boundary of the site.  This is a 12 storey hotel with gymnasium, conference facilities and banquet halls.  Again this structure consists of precast floors on mass concrete walls with a series of transfer trusses above the low level banquet hall.

The central office block is under design development with the Design Team.  This office will consist of three individual blocks ranging from 8 to 12 storeys linked at podium level with a glazed atrium.

The final Block will house a museum and is under development with the Irish Museum of Modern Art.