Roche (Ireland) Ltd

OCSC have carried out numerous projects at the Roche Pharmaceutical plant Clarecastle, Co Clare  over the past number of years including:-

1.  Chemical Drum Store.
2.  Standby Thermal Oxidiser plant.
3.  Pilot plant modifications.
4.  04 production building.
5.  Decanter building modifications.
6.  Reactor replacement programme- temporary and permanent work programmes.
7.  MMF Phase 2.
8.  Catch and replace tank bund modifications.
9.  J.T.T roof modifications.
10.  Feasibility study into extension of plant pipe rack.
11.  Relocation of HCL facility-tanker off loading.
12.  O4 Building – External Covered Canopy

OCSC provided services for the design and site supervision of a new Standby Thermal Oxidizer at the manufacturing plant. OCSC designed all supporting Civil and Structural elements of the project including foundations, steel pipe racks, pipe rack extensions, reinforced concrete retaining walls, approach roads and drainage systems. The steel framework holding up the various items of plant was designed in accordance with wind load and steel Codes of Practice. The project involved the coordination of all elements of stainless steel piping including the design and coordination of new elevated steel pipe rack system.
OCSC designed associated management buildings. Plant loads were supplied to OCSC through the Thermal Oxidizer Plant supplier based in Germany.