Academy Cinema

This project incorporated a new build of modern commercial spaces with the restoration of the historical Academy Cinema.  The restoration retains many original features including the ornate auditorium plaster ceiling.

The new 5 storey office block extension has approximately 5,000m sq. of office space.  The structure is listed and was originally a civic building.  It was later converted to a cinema.  A major fire almost gutted the building and it was decided to restore it to its former glory.  The Archaeological Department of Dublin City Council took a strong interest in the project. 

The cinema seating and its supports were removed.  The existing basement was deepened to provide sufficient headroom to accommodate offices.  A steel frame was inserted to carry timber floors and to provide stiffness and robustness to the structure.  King Post Trusses in the roof which had been damaged in the fire were repaired and strengthened using steel plates.

Much of the original ornate plaster ceilings were destroyed in the fire but enough remained for them to be replicated and restored to their former elegance.