Colmstock House

This project involved the extensive refurbishment and rehabilitation of Colmstock House to a prime Corporate Headquarters premises (approx. 20,000 sq.m.)

The construction programme was extremely tight with a start date in March 2005 and a finish date in March 2006.  The buildings footprint is in the shape of a “T” with the stalk projecting back into the site which was quite deep.  There was a requirement to extend the floor plates at each of the five levels but this was compounded by the need to remove certain loadbearing rising elements to free up more floor space.  Several staircores were removed whilst others had to be included for fire regulations.  Mini – piling was used extensively to strengthen the foundations as was concrete underpinning.  An ingenuitive method of strengthening the existing concrete columns was devised which worked very well within the time – frame.

The project was completed on time.