Herberton (Fatima Mansions)

Fatima Mansions, a 2 Hectare high rise Local Authority housing complex was demolished to make way for the more socially inclusive environment known as Herberton. The development provides 100 duplex and single housing units and was developed as a public private partnership between the Local Authority and private developers.

OCSC were appointed by the private developer to provide Structural, Civil, Drainage and Roads Design engineering as part of a Design Build Team.

Site investigations indicated poor ground conditions and therefore Vibro-compacted stone piles were utilised as an economic foundation solution. The main superstructures used a permanent insulated concrete formwork system in place of traditional timber shuttering techniques. This was easily manhandled on site to ensure that the structures could be built within program. Upper floors were constructed of engineered timber joist s to allow longer spans and minimise the necessity for internal load bearing walls. For both Fire spread and sound transmission reasons, structural screed on precast hollowcore units were used on compartment floors.

OCSC provided all civil, structural engineering services for the development from preplanning meetings with the planning authority through to detailed design and construction, including close liaison with the Local Authority design team to ensure compliance with the original design intent.

The development reopens previously closed circulation routes, extends roads through the site and provides a new public space as a focus for the wider community.  New leisure amenities include a community centre and crèche, leisure centre and an all-weather football pitch, several children’s play areas and hard and soft landscaping.  Phase 2 of the development includes 750 apartments over approximately 10 acres of basement

All council tenants remained on site throughout the rebuilding, protecting the existing community and its social structure