Father Collins Park

The project comprises the full redevelopment of Father Collins Park to create a new landmark urban park in Donaghmede, Dublin 13.   The works comprised construction of enabling works including substantial earthmoving groundworks, and civil engineering works associated with the following elements:

• 5 No. grass pitches.
• 6 No. health stations.
• 2 No. recreational/play areas (including playground equipment).
• 3 No. main entrances.
• Boundary fencing.
• Wetland areas.
• Internal circuit.
• Pedestrian and cycle paths.
• Ornamental lake.
• Promenade on the lake with 3 No. sheltered seating areas and 5 No. wind turbines.
• Maintenance facilities and associated external yard.
• Feature stage and grass mounded Amphitheatre.
• General landscaping and planting.

The central feature of the park is the lake and promenade.  Water is drained from the pitches into the lake through a wetland.  It is then re-circulated around the lake by aerators to maintain a healthy environment for aquatic flora and fauna.  The large water feature acts as a backdrop to the stage which can be viewed from a grass sloped amphitheatre opposite.  The promenade and water feature are constructed using a high percentage of GGBS, which compared to traditional OPC, has significantly reduced emissions and improved technical performance.  Father Collins Park is a leading exponent of the innovative application of sustainable wind turbine technology in public open spaces in Ireland.

The 5 wind turbines provide power for all the park systems, including the lighting, water features and park management.  Woodlands are rare in the modern urban environment and account for less than 3% of coverage in Dublin.  The existing woodland on the Eastern boundary was planted within the last 30 years and has taken on the characteristics of native woodland with the help of migrating species from adjacent hedgerows and additional planting carried out during the development of the park.  This additional planting includes oak, birch, ash, hawthorn, blackthorn, alder, holly, hazel and dogrose.  The park was designed to provide broad range of activities that would service all the community.  There is a purpose built circuit track with 6 No. health stations to cater for those looking to improve their health.  There are 2 playgrounds and a skate park for the younger community and a number of areas have been left open and untagged to allow for general recreation.