Energy Modelling: Nimbus Building, Poland

OCSC were appointed as Energy Modelling specialists for the Nimbus office building located in Warsaw Poland. The Nimbus Building is 10,400m2 of new build office accommodation and is targeted to be the first LEED Platinum Building in Poland

OCSC’s brief for this project was to integrate with the design team and perform the Detailed Energy analysis required for the for the LEED assessment. Through a number of iterations of the design the final calculations achieved the LEED Platinum Standard for Design Stage

The energy analysis performed on the project included the following detailed analysis.

• Validation of Building envelope performance.
• Heating and Cooling Loads
• Solar Gain Analysis
• Bulk air Flow Analysis
• Energy Usage Profiling
• Natural Daylight Analysis
• Modelling of the District Heating System
• Modelling of the Mixed Mode Cooling
• Projected Energy Consumption for Measurement and Verification
• Advisory Role on High Efficiency M&E Plant Selections