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Consultant Structural Engineering

OCSC was established in Ireland over 20 years ago. While initially a structural engineering consultancy, we have developed to be an established International multidisciplinary Consulting Engineering Practice. We have a reputation for delivering exceptional structural design creativity, allowing Architectural flair in the creation of high quality built environments. Designing Cost effective and buildable value engineered structures is a core facet of our structural department. OCSC prides itself in being involved in some of the most prestigious structural engineering projects in Ireland and abroad.

OCSC have a tremendous capacity to provide Engineering Consultancy Services, with local knowledge and the support of the International group’s experience to always ensure the best structural, buildable solution for the local market. The diverse skills, specialist expertise and experience in all areas of Structural Engineering have brought OCSC to the forefront of Consulting Engineering in Ireland and we are delivering this same expertise to the International market.

Using the latest 3 dimensional Engineering design Modelling software and finite element structural design analysis packages our team of Structural Engineers produce structural designs that we are proud to expose. Fully integrated coordinated structural models are produced and rendered, to ensure that the Client no longer has to be dependent on 2d drawings, but can virtually see and walk through their building which enhances their capabilities to manage their building into the future. The use of building information management systems such as Revit is a key component in our structural engineering division.

OCSC continuously strive to keep Sustainability at the heart of all our activities.We continuously look for new ideas and techniques to reduce the energy demands, use of water and production of waste of the buildings we design. We select materials and construction methods that minimize the carbon impact of the building process and encourage the use of local, natural materials. Our goal is to minimize the impact that our activities and the buildings we design have on our environment. Working with OCSC will mean working with one of the top consultant structural engineers Ireland has to offer.

Structural Engineering Strategy

Our Firm’s policy is to have a specific Director allocated to each project. Project Directors are supported by Project Engineers who carry out the day to day management of the project. The Project Engineer is allocated the necessary technical, administration and information technology staff.

We have developed in-house, an innovative approach to structural analysis and modelling whereby the structural design is carried out on a holistic approach using sophisticated computer analysis. This enables the entire building to be appraised and any changes made to significant structural members can be quickly amended and their impact re-assessed. This is a useful technique in conjunction with our extensive design experience in establishing an economic and cost effective structural solution.

A key aspect of our innovative designs is to generate an elegant and lightweight structure which we are proud to express and combine for use in other requirements of the building. Such examples include the integration of services and exposing the structure to provide a heat sink, utilising the principles of thermal mass.

We utilise dedicated workshop and brainstorming sessions within the Design Team for key aspects to ensure the optimum solution is at all times chosen. A value engineering and cost in use appraisal can also be undertaken at this time.

Buildability and Site Logistics

The successful completion of any large scale development not only relies on the principles of good technical engineering but also most importantly on a practicable and buildable solution. When designing, we are very mindful of the particular site constraints and how such important issues as access, egress, deliveries, transportation and any imposed restrictions from the immediate environs.

Regular in-house reviews are conducted to ensure that all possible options are investigated and the most economic, effective and efficient solutions are produced.

Our streamlined delivery process and our dedicated teams deliver projects of all sizes and complexities in all regions. What all projects have in common is the “can do” attitude of the O’Connor Sutton Cronin team

OCSC – Measures for Ensuring Quality

At a strategic point in the project program, usually tender stage, an in-house independent structural and value engineering review is carried out by one of our chartered engineers.  This is a robust process dealing with design, buildability and cost effectiveness, which eliminates possible errors relating to co-ordination issues between other team members, which may otherwise arise.

OCSC review each project on a weekly basis at Director level and resource projects to ensure cost effectiveness and excellence is maintained.

OCSC- Experience

We have extensive experience in a wide variety of projects in the Public and Private sector, including Government buildings, Universities, Healthcare, Institutional, Commercial, Retail, Accommodation , Tourism, Recreational, Sport, Utility and Warehousing.

The design of all projects is tailored to their location.  Some of our projects have been in the remotest of locations, on the poorest ground conditions, in confined urban sites and within live campus type environments. The structural design and material choice is often dictated by the environs.